Thank God it‘s Friday Fighting Depression with Woodworking and Making About TGIF
The project TGIF is all about making and sharing creativity along the way while fighting depression by doing what we love to do!


Transforming wood into some, more or less, useful things is a great way to build up confidence.

Chainsaw Carving

One of the things you should try in order to build up confidence. To maneuver and control this extreme dangerous tool a way it isn‘t designed to challenges your common sense every second.
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A Star is born

Viedo of how we carved these simple Stars
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Individual interests and skills

We share a lot things but there are some individual interests and skills which are and stay individual. So everyone still has his/her free space and in the end we can learn from each other.


Things I make besides woodworking: Metalwork like welding and forging Electronics like soldering, designing circuits and repairing all kind of electric and electronic devices Print Design like banner, business cards and so on


Things I make besides woodworking: Sewing like making clothes and small things for every day use Knitting like pullover, cardigan and other things Origami Crochet like bobble caps or small toy figures.
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