Thank God it‘s Friday Fighting Depression with Woodworking and Making Woodworking
Woodworking is my main source for peace, comfort and most important self-confidence.
After a couple of years alone in my shop I decided to go public with my way of fighting depression. I started my YouTube-cannel and I‘m quite impressed by the result. Enjoy your time exploring my videos.
My first real project-video was this tissue box I made from reclaimed wood. My sister gave me an old door and window which was Dark Red Meranti, nice to work and ideal for this project. Inspired by Laney Shaughnessy I thought it would be a great idea to make a video in German. So this video was the first step an my way to become a YouTube creator.
Woodworking projects on video or not! Follwing are a number of projects worth sharing, all of them helped on fighting my depression.