Thank God it‘s Friday Fighting Depression with Woodworking and Making Welcome to TGIF
Don‘t attempt to do something – DO IT!

Thank God It‘s Friday

I started this project after I‘d been hit by some sever depression back in 2010. Woodworking and Making helps us to stay focused. A daily routine also gives us a secure living condition. Doing this unsupervised leaves some independence in our lifes and makes them more enjoyable. Sharing creativity and getting feedback is one of the main advantages of this project. The feedback from all over the world helps us to enjoy what we‘re doing over here.


Woodworker, Maker and YouTuber

With an university-entrance diploma specialized in Physics and Electronics I became a technician for radio and television. At the Age of 38 I decided to start a new education and became a designer for digital and print media. Due to my severe depression, which lead to unemployability, I had to retire and I live on a small pension. Sharing my journey with my YouTube videos helps a lot to stay focused.


Needlewoman, Maker and

Chainsaw Operator

I am a Mother of two and ran a small farm. For a living I‘m working with the housekeeping staff of a big hotel and restaurant. My farm is heated with wood-burning stove, so I had to get a license for operating chainsaws as one of a few women back in 1990. ThankGodItsFriday helps me reveal my creativity with Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Painting and some Woodworking and Making.
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